Thursday, August 18, 2011

wrap it up...take 2

Hey hey...

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Thursday night...

we just had a spectacular storm here in Pa....
 rain was coming down in sheets, the thunder was breathtaking, and the lightning made it bright as day=) 

I love those kinds of storms!

Just thought I would post another wrapping idea to add to my collection. This gift was bright and colorful, so I thought, rather than cover up the items, why not just tie a big bow onto them and hot glue some brightly colored faux fruit to the top...

What do you think?
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  1. Adriane,
    Are those bowls from Crate and Barrel? If so I gave them as a bridal shower gift a few years ago and boy that would have looked so much better than the way I gave them! Thanks for the great idea for next time! They look great! I love the added extra touch of the spoons too!

  2. Very nice Adriane! I just LOVE bowls. I kinda have a thing for them. Weird? lol : )

  3. This is like a party just to look at! Wonderful job, dren! I love seeing how you wrap gifts :)


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