Wednesday, June 27, 2012

wednesday's love

I have a few recent loves that I thought I would share with you today...

1. Sneakers on pavement, as the sun goes down...

Running. I never thought this would make it to a "what I love" list, but I can honestly say that motherhood has changed the running game for me. Pre baby, the thought of running any distance, especially in the summer was dreadful and exhausting. I used to force myself to do it, but would constantly have to will my feet to keep moving. I would usually end up walking the last leg of the "run".
Now after Hunter is in bed, I hit the pavement and tour around the neighborhood, anywhere from 1-3 miles. It affords me time to clear my head, pray, think or not think...whichever I chose.  I can honestly say I am enjoying the challenge of running, and my feet carry me with vigor I've never experienced before. The rythmic drum of my feet on the asphalt, and my arms swaying back and forth is so calming. I get so lost in thought that a half hour flies by, and I finally understand what runners mean when they say they can't get enough!

2. 25 cent special occasion cards...
A whole smear of them. These little beauties, originally from Target, were only a quarter at the goodwill today. As an avid note sender, and life celebrator, I knew I had to get my hands on some. Twelve to be exact. They are adorable, and make me grin=)

3. The perfect shade of coral...
You know how it is so hard to pick the right color polish for is too orange, another too red, and another too pink...and most make your feet look pale and chubby? (please don't tell me I'm the only one!)
Well, I found the solution, via my friend's pretty toes last weekend. The perfect summer shade of orangy/pink/coral polish. They make your little piggies look long, lean, and tan. Am I exaggerating? of course not ;)

Want to know the best part? It is only a buck at five below=) Three cheers for cheap/pretty polish and having my very own bottle so I don't need to keep borrowing hers;)

What is making you smile today? Do you have a new hobby that has captured you lately? Or a favorite polish color for summer?
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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Apples and Cupcakes...

Hey Everyone...I hope Tuesday is being good to you all! I wanted to put up a few pictures of a handmade gift that I gave to my sister for her little lady due in August. When I saw this idea on pinterest a few months ago, I knew it would be perfect for my sister who has a whole room in her house dedicated to her wardrobe and accessories=) Actually, her boudoir as she calls it is becoming a nursery next week..haha.

Anyway, I made this sweet little felt board and a blondie and brunette for my neice to dress up, and lots of little dresses and outfits to mix and well as two of my favorite foods... cupcakes and apples...

I used a template found here to give me the basic girl outline and some of the clothes, and I simply covered a bulliten board with a doubled up peice of felt, hot glued to hold it in place ...then covered the seams on the back with masking tape to give it a finished look. 

It was a really simple project that will hopefully provide my sister's little one with hours of dressing delight;) I also gave her a small stack of felt scraps so she could add peices of clothing to the wardrobe if needed, and so she could enjoy a little craft with her baby girl when she is a little older.

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Welcome to the Carnival!

Hi Friends! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I am back with lots of pictures and details from my sisters baby shower brunch on Saturday! We had a wonderful time, and Nicole (the mom-to-be) was able to catch up with so many familiar faces that she rarely gets to see since moving to Virginia, which was a blessing!

The theme was girly carnival, which we chose after scouring pinterest and magazines for inspiration, as well as doing some brainstorming with friends. I was so excited to make some of the decor myself, and find amazing deals on some of the other elements of the shower.

We used a bed canopy to make the "seat of honor" extra special, and I made the pink and mint banners using doilies from the dollar bins at the craft store!

A dear friend lent us her "Lemonade" sign, and I attached a few little birdies to the corner to make it feel like an authentic outdoor carnival...

We had mounds of cotton candy, sweets, and popcorn, and some cake pops that I made using my new babycakes cakepop maker... and so many sweet friends and family members made yummy quiches, stratas, muffins, and salads...

I found a giant roll of pink raffle tickets at the party store, which turned out to be the perfect addition to the decor, and I was able to use them in a myriad of ways!

Using an idea that I found in Country Living magazine, I spray painted a handful of plastic dollar store animals white, giving them a whimsical, but more classic look. I also found these awesome little lion and elephant piggy banks at the dollar store, which I stuffed with some tickets. 

The little Ferris wheel picture holder below was also an amazing deal...I found two of them for 2.99, and spray painted them white before my mom printed off verses about children to place inside...

We played a simple game where everyone took a ticket and Nicole picked matching coupons from a cup...whoever's color and ticket number she called out had to tell the group how they knew Nicole, and a piece of momma advice! We also asked on the invitation for everyone to bring a favorite children's book to add to Baby's new library collection.

It was a really wonderful time and I am so thankful for each woman who came. Thanks to everyone who made tasty things, wrapped sweet gifts, and smiled brightly at the new-mom-to-be! You all are wonderful blessings to our family!

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Naptime Delights

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

summer days.

A few months ago my sweet hubby dug some holes, dropped some posts in and strung some lines in our backyard, giving me the most wonderful gift...a clothesline=)

There is something so calming and therapeutic about afternoon sun, lawnmowers humming, windchimes playing, a sweet baby on a blanket in the grass, and a big basket of freshly laundered clothes ready to be hung...don't you agree?

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Happy Trails

I have spent much of this past week knee-deep in plans for my sister's baby shower this weekend. I have visited and revisited all of my favorite craft stores, discount party places, home decorating centers, and grocery stores, collecting all the perfect pieces to complete her special day. Of course, there is a theme to this party (isn't there always a theme to every good party;) but my sister is pretty much my #1 reader around these parts, so I cannot reveal it here:)

I do, however, want to post some pictures from another shower that we hosted in the spring, because good theme showers are more fun when they are shared, no?

The shower was for my dear friend Kirsten and her little boy Declan, who debuted a few months earlier. Like Mike, Hunter, and I, these guys LOVE the outdoors and all things hunting, fishing, and camping I decided on a "Happy Trails" themed brunch to welcome her little guy. I decorated, made some favors and opened my front door, and everyone brought goodies to munch on...

Our sweet friend Jen made these amazing little cupcakes! When I told her the theme...she immediately thought to use teddy grams to complete the look. They were perfect!

Of course no camping themed party is complete without a tent or teepee!

Do you like a good theme party too? What do you use as inspiration? a cartoon character? a favorite color? a favorite hobby? What occasions do you celebrate in your home?

In our house, we try to remember all the little special occasions so that we can celebrate life as often as possible. The anniversaries of when we began dating, when we got engaged and when we got married all warrant small celebrations as well as birthdays, half birthdays, and "just because" dates=) I always think that life is too short to not celebrate your way through it!

For more baby shower, here, and here are some of the showers that my wonderful friends and family hosted for me when I was expecting!

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