Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Seasonal Swap.

Hello friends! I might be a little scarce around my blog this week, since my momma is coming home today after being away for 5 weeks!! Needless to say, my mom tank is a little low and I plan on getting filled back up in the next few days...

Before I go, I thought I would share some pictures I took a few weeks ago, when inspiration struck and I rearranged my living room. There is something about the changing seasons that makes me crave changes within our home. So I dragged some trunks and bookshelves down the stairs from our bedroom, swapped some lamps and rugs, rearranged furniture, and rehung picture frames on the wall... and, ahhh much better!

 Do you get seasonal itches for change like me? Do you like to move furniture/lamps/rugs/etc. from room to room? or do you prefer things to stay the same from year to year?

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  1. I love those vintage trunks!

    New follower :) Check out my blog if you would like!


  2. Absolutely love the old trunks! Thanks so much for stopping by Jems and Jules! So excited to have you as my newest follower. It's encouraging to know that people are reading. Have a great time with your mom!

  3. you have such a beautiful home! we're in an apartment right now (so tiny!!) so we make do with the small amount of decorating we can. however, we're moving into a historic rental home (big time room!!) in september and i can't wait to decorate and organize to my hearts content!


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