Saturday, June 9, 2012

Life in the living room.

It is a gorgeous Saturday morning here in Pa, and I have the excitement of a busy day ahead of me=) I just wanted to quickly post a little project I completed this week...

I was asked to make a bulletin board for the women's ministry at our church... a place where women could post letters and cards to one another, sharing prayer requests and encouragement. We decided to hang the board in the Ladies Room at church (don't laugh) because of all the rooms in our church building, it is the one most frequented on Sunday mornings, hehe.

Anyway, I wanted it to be different than just the standard bulletin, but also did not want to spend alot on this project, so with a canvas drop cloth, some twine, a staple gun and these adorable mini clothespins from walmart, I created this:

I love the idea of having verses and cards that are interchangeable...which got me thinking that I would love my own little "clothesline" for my living room as a fun way to hang our family pictures! Because Hunter is constantly growing and changing, it is the perfect way to have an ever-evolving display of our little guy.

I also grabbed this vintage globe out of my mom's storage this past week. It has been in my family for a few generations now, and I have many memories of my mom using it to point out different countries and oceans when I was a little girl. It's pretty sweet, right???

I love having it set up where I see it everyday because it keeps me mindful of the people and places outside of my little world that I should be thinking about and praying for. AND my whole family has been jet setting off to various countries this year, while Hunter and I hold down the fort here at home. My sister and her husband just returned from the Dominican Republic, my mom arrived home from Paupa New Guinea a few days ago, and my dad and Hubby are headed to Argentina in a few short weeks! Where are Hunter, Sadie, and I going you might ask? For a walk around the block of course=)

In all honesty, I am thrilled for each of them and the adventures that this year has held, and Mike's side of our family has been keeping me company here at home, which is a blessing...(thanks guys!)

How about you? Have any wild adventures planned for your summer? or maybe just a day trip to the beach? Hope you have a fabulous Saturday whatever your plans are!

P.S. Are you thinking that my little wall collection looks a little bare? Me too! I have a sweet and simple DIY father's day present for Mike that I am planning on adding to the bare spots in the photos above, come back in a few days to see it:)


  1. love your new living room! and love all the posts! i think i will stick around for a bit, I just missed all of you so much!!!love mama, grandmmama

  2. I like how you added the globe - it looks great next to those cool trunks! Still Hunter needs a updated map or he'll go into school thinking that the Dutch West Indies are still around ;) Or maybe not, once he starts traveling with his jet-setting Mom and Dad! :)

    1. Hahaha...I will be happy if he at least knows the 7 continents and where they are generally located;)

  3. Oh my goodness! I LOVE that bulletin with little clothespins. So so cute.

  4. Love your globe! And totally agree with Laura... The bulletin board is adorable!

  5. I love, love, love this little project! It is so versatile. I'd like to make something like this in a little different shape to pin up my menu cards for the week. Did you wrap the fabric around stretcher bars?

  6. Hi Cathy! Thanks for your comment! I actually just used a plain bulletin board that I had and stretched the fabric around the front...stapling it with a staple gun in the was such an easy update!


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