Friday, June 1, 2012

shake, rattle, and roll, you're 7 months old!

Dear Hunter,
           You know that Brad Paisley song, “I thought I Loved You Then”? No? Well it is the song your dad and I danced to on our wedding night, and it basically just talks about falling more deeply in love with each other as the time goes by. That’s just exactly how your dad and I feel about you. We fell madly in love with you on the day you were born, and thought we couldn’t love you any more, but God has stretched our little hearts more and more with every passing day, week and month. We love you more than life itself.
            Yesterday we went to the doctor, where you received two yucky shots like a trooper. Your tipped the scales at a whopping 14lb 7oz. which puts you in the 3rd percentile for weight…you little peanut=) Don’t worry, Dad and I say all the time how much we like your petite size…
            You have officially converted your momma into a baby talking fool, and now I find myself shocked at the phrases coming out of my mouth...things like” Are you getting shweepy? Awww, its time for beddy-by, isn’t it?” You seem to like the ridiculously high pitch my voice embodies while I speak this nonsense, so I guess I will keep at it.

            In other news, you roll ALL over the place, and scoot backwards on your belly using your hands, and just last week you began getting up on your knees and rocking back and forth…a sure sign that crawling is only weeks away (if not sooner). I know everyone says I shouldn’t wish for your mobility…but I secretly get delighted and all kinds of proud of you when you learn something new, so I know it will be no different with crawling.
            You have been eating fruits and pureed veggies for two months now, but seem to be quickly loosing interest in “baby food” and gaining interest in “table food”. So as soon as we finish up the frozen purees stockpiled in the freezer, we will officially move on to other things. You had some goulash at Grammy’s house the other night and you couldn’t get enough, so your dad and my dreams of raising a meat-loving boy are hopefully coming true!
            You now have an array of different laughs/giggles/sounds for the many humorous situations in your life. You smile from ear to ear at just about everything and everyone…especially if dad or I catch your eye from across the room or say your name…you get beside yourself with excitement…which makes Dad and I beside ourselves with joy.  When this happens, you get so thrilled that you breath in deeply, making an adorable little sound…then in your excitement, you forget to breath out, sending you into a little coughing fit before sheepishly grinning up at us once more as if to say, “I meant to do that”. When we tickle you, you get a little belly laugh going…but we have learned the hard way that you only appreciate being tickled for a few seconds, before it becomes too much fun and you get overwhelmed, hehe. All in all, your love of life is contagious and we just can’t get enough!

           Other things you love right now include: your dog Sadie (who rarely leaves your side unless dad is home, He trumps all of us), your bath time, your little plastic pool (which Dad bought at petsmart, so it has little dog bones all over it:), bananas, your stuffed elephant, and your little blanket square with a teddy bear head attached.
            You truly are Gods greatest blessing to your Dad and me, and we love you more than you will ever know. Thanks for being such a special little boy.

Your Momma


  1. What a handsome little guy! Such a collection of special memories, and wonderful photos.

  2. Aw, I love these pictures (:

    Your little boy is ADORABLE.

  3. I LOVE ALL THESE PICTURES! Happy 7 mos Birthday Boo-boo! i was in Port moresby, Papua New Guninea without internet! But i am back in Australia tonite and 2 days closer to seeing your sweet smile! I miss you sooo much! See you on tues nite! love, gram forcine


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