Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Sweet Suprise...

On Saturday a little pink package arrived in my mailbox.

I love when we get mail that is something other than a bill, sales pitch, or grocery flyer....know what I mean?

Anyway, this pretty pink package contained a lovely little ring from Christina over at 2LittleHooligans...

It was the prize for winning her Etsy shop giveaway...

Isn't it cute?

She even sent it in a little homemade bag with a little dusting cloth=)

which makes my heart happy because I have always ascribed to the theory that "presentation is everything"!  

Here is her fabulous Etsy Shop, you all should definitely check it out!

Thanks Christina for brightening my day!


  1. oh yes presentation is everything:) thanks for your sweet words and good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!


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