Sunday, August 14, 2011

the search...

Now that the unbearable summer heat is beginning to subside here in Pennsylvania, and the cooler breezes are beginning stir, I have had one thing on my mind...

Summer is almost over. Fall is almost here.

Our little one will be here soon!!!!!

And as I have begun to compile my registry and plan for our baby's arrival, I have also begun a little search...for the perfect diaper bag.

I know that the shelves of so many stores are full to the hilt with bright nylon diaper bags with anything from flowers to jungle animals plastered all over them...but I'm just not feeling them...

Who says style needs to be sacrificed in the name of practicality?

So here are some of my favorites that I have pinned recently... still not sure which one is "the one" just yet:)

What so you all thing...neutral or bold? big or compact? trendy or just mom-ish?

I am still undecided...but since it is a rainy Sunday afternoon here in Pa...I think I'll take some time and continue my search for the perfect bag:)

Wish me luck!


  1. Be sure to get one with lots of pockets, it is so hard to find things in a crowded diaper bag :)

  2. Bags 1 & 2 would be my pick. But, all of them are really cute! I just love all things baby. : ) How are you feeling these days?
    ~ Catie

  3. Thanks for the advice ladies;)


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