Thursday, June 23, 2011

One of the best places on earth...

Over the weekend, my mom and I drove out to Lancaster, Pa for to meet my sister and her husband at Sight and Sound Theater. For anyone who loves a good show, with a great message, come to PA and go to a Sight and Sound is phenomonal.

We got to Lancaster a little early, which was a glorious thing because Lancaster is home to some of the best outlet shops around...

not that I really cared about any of the other stores, just one...

(sigh, with a slight smile of recollection)

Usually when I visit this place, my budget for home decor is blown for about 3-4 months..haha...but this weekend I did increadibly well...Mike was even suprised and proud when he saw the small bag I toted home:)

What was in that small bag? Oh I am so glad you asked!

See these lovely mason Jar mugs from

When Mike and I got married, one generous guest at our wedding, (who worked at Potterybarn and had awesome employee discounts:)  gave us the most amazing collection of entertaining items from the store, including a set of six of these glasses. It was truly like christmas morning (actually better...hehe) when we arrived back from our honeymoon and saw a big stack of PB boxes in our living room=)

Since then, we have come to love these mugs and use them constantly, but with only six, we were always running out...which left me pining away for more of them to complete my set...

They are usually $24 for a set of six in the store, which I think is fairly reasonable for Potterybarn, but still not reasonable enough for me to buy them...


We were just about to leave the outlet empty handed when I came across my mugs...for $2.99 each!!
I know, I know...that is only a $1 off, but it was just the savings I needed to convince myself to take the plunge and complete my set.

So I bought six=)

and I love them=)

And check out the total on my receipt...$19, woohoo!!

so I brought them home and added them to my kitchen cupboard...

ahhhh, I am so happy about the nice rows of mason jar mugs lining my shelves=) 

Bring on a big pitcher of lemonade and let summer begin!

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