Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Baby Dearest Pillow!

Anyone who know my husband, knows there is one thing in this world that he could not live without...

that one thing?


When the season begins in the fall, you cannot keep him out of the woods...he is totally smitten. If he could hunt for a living, he would be in heaven:)

When we first met, hunting and a love for the outdoors was something that attracted us to one another. The first few months of us getting to know one another, I don't think we spent more than 10 minutes inside, we were constantly going for walks, 4-wheeling, building campfires, and sitting under the stars talking.

When we found out we were expecting, we were so excited at the prospect of having a little one to love, nourish, and teach. So many of the qualities that Mike possesses were refined through his love for hunting, like patience, respect, caution, and care. I cannot wait for the day that he can pass on those lessons in character to our son or daughter, through teaching them one of his favorite pastimes.

All of this to say (hehe..sorry people, I'm a highly sentimental pregnant lady:) that when I saw this bedding set for the nursery, I knew it was fate...go ahead, take a close look at the print...see the details? little ducks, deer, sheep, and bunnies!! and it is gender neutral enough for if we have a boy or a girl!

Now that we have the set in the nursery, I absolutely love it! and although we still have board and batten to hang, walls to paint, furniture to refinish, and accessories to buy, I have begun to have a vision for the space, using the bedding set as my inspiration.

Since all the little woodland animals are so "us", I decided that that would be the common thread throughout the room.

Which brings me to this pillow, which I found on clearance at TJ Maxx for $10.00!!! The colors work perfectly with the bedding and it is so big and luxurious, great for keeping one's tush comfy while sitting on the floor playing:)

Although it was kinda cute already, I wanted to personalize it even more...
So I printed out baby and momma deer silluettes and cut them out, modifying them as I cut so that they looked just right. Then I went to Joanne's and found a brown suede fabric on clearance for 88 cents!!!

here are the silhouettes sitting on the suede:

Aren't they cute? hehe...

I also picked up some of this great fusible web for $3.99! This is quickly becoming one of my favorite things!!

Next, I traced the silhouettes onto the back of the webbing, peeled of the back, adhered it to the back of the fabric, and cut out the images:

Next, I simply removed the other backing from the webbing, and ironed them onto the pillow front...sorry for no pictures of this step, I was getting too excited for the end result. =)

here it is!!!!

What do you think??!!

I really do love it, and I know it is a unique look, but for us, its perfect!

I did a little photoshopping to see what I could do to make the pillow more feminine in the event that our little one is a girl, and here was what I came up with:

something along these lines...butterflies, flowers, etc...I love it:)

Can't wait to reveal more of the nursery makeover as we work on it in the coming months!!

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  1. That is soo cute! I love nurseries - they are so fun to decorate. Can't wait to see more pics as it comes along. : ) ~ Catie

  2. Oh, and nice links at the bottom! ; )

  3. I love it! That pillow is the perfect combination of you and Mike :)

  4. Thanks Catie, I love the links at the bottom;) I am having so much fun planning this nursery!! Can't wait to show you more pics soon!

    Jen! Thanks so much! I agree it is a perfect blend of us:) I can't wait to come see your blog...right after I post this!

  5. Way cute! I totally need to make one of these for my sister--she loves deer! Thanks for sharing, so cute!

  6. Nat, Thanks so much! I looked at a few of your blogs and they are adorable!! I will definitely keep visiting them from now on:)

    -Adriane@ fruitfulhomejournal

  7. So cute! I love that you chose a parent deer and baby deer...kind of symbolizes that the parents are always looking after their little ones. Very cute idea to put those on a pillow! I'm going to have to try that fusible webbing soon!

  8. Thanks! I really love the look of the momma and baby deer too:) have to try the webbing is fantastic stuff!
    Thanks for stopping by!



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