Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lemon Chicken Orzo Soup

 Last night, my hubby was feeling pretty sick with an upset stomach an achy joints and muscles. So while he was taking a nap before dinner, I got a few items at the grocery store to make him a get-better-quick meal...

Here are my purchases:

Chicken broth, lemon juice, orzo, a rotisserie chicken, carrots, lemon pepper, strawberries, and Emetrol for nausea...

I decided to make one of our favorites: Lemon Chicken Orzo Soup!! It was a surefire way to get Mike smiling again=)

Since I was not in an overly ambitious mood last night, I went with as many pre-prepared ingredients that I an already cooked rotisserie chicken...mmmm.

First, I pulled all the meat off the chicken and shredded it so it looked like this:

Then, I diced up an onion that I had on hand (using my new favorite kitchen tool: my Santoku Knife from Ikea)

Then I dumped the whole container of chicken broth into the pot...

And mixed in the onions, chicken, and pre-slivered carrots (another thing that I cheated on by using the already prepped version)...

Then, I absentmindedly forgot to take pic of the next my orzo (about half of the box) in the broth with the chicken, carrots and onions, which added so much flavor...mmm

Next I took three eggs that were in my fridge, and mixed about 1/3 cup of lemon juice to the eggs and whisked it all together really well...

Then, with the broth boiling, I dumped in the egg/lemon mix, and stirred it really well so the eggs would not cook together, but would blend in nicely.

My favorite part was what came next, the addition of fresh herbs from my garden:) I used parsley, thyme, and basil, but you could add whatever you like, you can't go wrong!

In addition to the herbs, I seasoned the soup with LOTS of lemon pepper, and some onion powder, salt, and pepper to taste. Again, any seasoning that you love will work in this soup!

MMMM... it smelled so good! I added some cornbread to give us a little something sweet to contrast the lemony tartness.

Mike work up hungry and joined me in the kitchen for a steamy bowl of soup, and sure enough his smile returned instantly=) mission accomplished=)


  1. Mmmmm looks delicous - and that last pic is beautiful! What a great way to make a quick chicken soup. I never would have thought of using rotisserie chicken! Delicious and cheap ;)

  2. Looks delicious, Adriane! Thanks for sharing :O) It's similar to the lemon chicken soup recipe you gave me a year or two ago, and it's one of our favorites! Always a hit :O)
    Your blog is wonderful I'm lovin lookin at all your posts. Great work :O)

  3. Love your blog Adriane! I read it whenever I have the chance (which with two boys isn't very often, but I keep up with you!) :)

    Every week when I go grocery shopping I come home with a rotisserie. We use it immediately for chicken sandwiches for lunch, and then I pick it apart (like you did) and save the remaining chicken for homemade chicken/veggie soup. Here's the trick for you for the future - THE best broth ever: take the leftover bones/carcass from the rotisserie, cover it with water in a pot and simmer for 2-3 hours. Strain it and there you go! Saves a little bit of that green for other yummy things from the store too :)

    Hope you're feeling well. Congrats on the pregnancy by the way :) Hope we see you when we're visiting PA!

  4. Thanks Ladies!

    Julia, I love rotisserie chickens...hehe, they are such a great way to get a homemade taste in no time:) Thanks for the broth tip, I will definitely try that next time!!

    Hope you all are doing well!
    Thanks for stopping by!



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