Monday, July 30, 2012

car keys.

Today, as I swung Hunter into his car seat to runs some errands, he reached out and grasped the car keys looped around my pinkie. "Babe, Mommy needs those", I explained as I gently reached for them back. I quickly rummaged through my bag and produced a similar set, made just for him, with a bright plastic ring and different colored plastic keys. His eyes lit up. We made the exchange and stood there for a moment, each jingling our keys and smiling at one another.
And the thought hit me. These little people of ours are downright magical. They watch our every move, and mimic our behavior until it becomes their own. They learn from observation, and if you look closely enough, you can actually see their little wheels turning as they process information and form ideas about things. They delight in the simplest of pleasures.
We all learned in gradeschool about the laws of physics, and our world moves from order to chaos, how things deteriorate with time. But children defy those laws. Their minds are shaped, molded, and formed with each new day. They gain insight and understanding and confusion turns to clarity in their little minds. It is as if God has given us a little slice of heaven, supernatural little beings to hold and cuddle and learn from. When I look at Hunter, I see the fingerprints of his Creator all over him. It sends goosebumps up my arms to know that these little ones entrusted to us are reflections of the Almighty in the most uncorrupted form we will see on this side of eternity. And when I look into my boy's big blue eyes, it is unmistakable...there is a God, and He is so good.

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  1. You said this so beautifully! They are little miracles, aren't they :)

  2. Your post gave me goosebumps - the good kind (:

    There IS a God. And He IS wonderful.

  3. Such a sweet post! YOur little guy is adorable!!!! Such a lovely blog you have (:

  4. Yes! It sounds so weird, but every time I look at Elena's tiny ear it makes me realize that there is a God, and He is powerful and an artist, and He is lovingly intimately involved in our lives. Makes me awe struck. I love how you expressed it with Hunter defying the laws of physics every day :)


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