Wednesday, July 11, 2012

shiny little pendants, close to my heart.

Last week, my husband was over 5,000 miles away from me on a hunting trip in Argentina. On the day he left I sat in the living room, staring at the mailbox, eagerly awaiting the arrival of the mailman. Thanks to the high-tec USPS emails which now tell you where your packages are, I knew mine was arriving that afternoon.

It did not disappoint. Just in time for my hubby-less week, a little reminder of him came right to my doorstep.

I ordered two sweet pendants from Beadin' by the Sea to add to the chain I often have around my neck. A big "M" for Mike and a little "h" for hunter. They are the perfect additions to my scroll-y "A" pendant I already had, and I love having a constant memento of my boys with me all the time.

What about you? do you wear any jewelry to represent the people you love?

Be sure to check out Beadin' by the Sea, she has so many beautiful, handmade lovelies that you just might fall in love with;)

If you want to make a sentimental necklace, check out this bird's nest necklace I made last year! You could easily adapt the "egg-count" to represent your kiddos, hubby, etc., and they are so simple to make!

And now for one more picture I had to include:

Everyone say "hi" to my momma, making a sandwich in the backround...hehe. love you mom!


  1. Grandchildren....i have a bracelet that is made by Brighton...i have a lower case initial for austin, rylie, michael j, hunter and also a little heart that had a stick figure boy/girl. Kristen gave this to me for mother's day and i keep adding... soon i will be adding one in February :) Love Grammy Love your necklace tooo

  2. i love these so much! i wear a lowercase "m" and "n" for my husband mike and sweet baby noah that i won in a lisa leonard giveaway a few months back :)

  3. love the initials!


    have a good night!

  4. That pendant is so gorgeous, love it! Nice to having something other than bills come in the mailbox isnt it :)

  5. Hi Adriane!
    Just stopping by to tell you I nominated you for the Sunshine Award on my blog today! Because I find your blog truly inspiring!Have a great weekend and God bless!

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