Thursday, July 19, 2012

Beach Day Superlatives.

Breakfast with friends. first sight of sand. first taste of sand. sand everywhere. skinny dipping in the ocean to remove sand. Attempted nap. too excited to sleep. walk along ocean with mom & dad. conked out in mom's arms. slept like a champ. Back up and at 'um. Quinoa for lunch. mmm, I love that stuff. played in the ocean. ended up skinny dipping again. went under water for the first time ever. came up smiling. lips turned blue. mom gave me bath. warmed me up. slept. Asked to go to Mack 'n Manco's for pizza. They said yes. Boardwalk. aloe vera mohawk (I rock.) Banana flavored ice cream (mom rocks.) So sleepy. To happy to sleep. practiced saying "dada" all the way across the bridge. fell asleep. Best day ever.


  1. What a cute cute cute little guy! Looks like he had a blast at the beach!

  2. The joy on Hunter's face is so priceless! i love the family shot of the three of you... y'all are beautiful ;) christmas card photo please?? his mohawk is too cute!!!!

  3. Love this - firsts with a little one are so, so fun :)

  4. Oh Adrianne,
    This photos are so heart warming, I see you had a great day!
    Enjoy your week!


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