Tuesday, July 10, 2012

four Julys ago.

Four years ago this month, I met my husband. We akwardly shook hands for the first time, knowing that our friends ( who had just introduced us) were grinning at us both, eager to see our initial glances at one another...hopeful we would hit it off. We did hit it off, and by the end of the night, our one friend grabbed one of our cell phones and said, "Hey kids, get around Mike and A for a picture!".  I had their baby in my arms, and their three other kiddos pressed in around us. Jody snapped the picture and excitedly turned the phone around to show us the shot...he said, "You guys look perfect together, I can just see it now...give it a few years and you will be a family, and the kids around you will be yours." We smiled shyly at each other, both silently hoping he was right.

The following July we were the epitome of "young and in love". The one after that we were sharing our first dance under a big white tent containing all our friends and family. The one after that, we were doting over our little puppy, Sadie, gently rubbing my growing belly and dreaming about our sweet baby growing inside.

This July, we coax giggles out of our little boy, and cheer for him as he crawls across the living room, and hold him high over our heads to make him smile. We grin at each other from across the room when our eyes meet, and I know our thoughts are the same...we love this life we share together, built together. What were once two individuals, became one, and resulted in three.

Happy Anniversary, My Love....God has blessed me immensely by giving me you.

(the pictures above were from the day after we got engaged, in October 2009...they are some of my all time favorites...Mike used carved pumpkins as part of his proposal...=)

(To read more about our love story, click here, herehere, and here)

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  1. Happy Aniversary! Love ya'lls story, and what a great idea your husband had with the pumpkins!

  2. I love this, you guys together. The Lord has given you such an awesome husband, and the joy you have in your marriage is infectious! I love being around you and I know you encourage others to fall more in love every day too.


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