Monday, May 7, 2012

Baseball and Fatherhood...

Yesterday we took Hunter to his first baseball game...(this week has been full of lots of firsts;) along with Hunter's Mom-mom, Grammy and Pappy, Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins...

Growing up in a house with all girls, we never really got into sports that for me, a baseball game is all about the sights, sounds, and smells. I thoroughly enjoyed the smell of french fries and hot dogs cooking, the taste of nachos drenched in cheese whiz, and the sounds of people yelling at bad calls, missed catches, and the little men running around the bases...hehe

For my hubby, who grew up playing baseball...yesterday held more significance. He was thrilled to take his little man to a ball game, just like his dad used to take him. He repeated multiple times throughout the day, "oh man, I miss this game". He cannot wait until Hunter is old enough to play catch in the backyard and join a community league with him...just like he did with his dad.

It makes me so proud and thankful when I hear about all the things my hubby wants to teach and pass on to his son, and all the memories he plans to make. It makes me SO grateful for his wonderful Dad and Pop-pop, who took the time to do these things with him...teaching him the value of father-son time and a good 'ol game of ball...but mostly? It makes me fall even more in love with my hubby as I see what an amazing dad he is:) He genuinely cares and is intentional about fatherhood...

On the way to the field yesterday, Mike and I were laughing about a little argument we got in before we left the house and I said, "do you think Pop-pop is in heaven laughing at us when we fight and make up...amused at how young we are?" 

"Absolutely", Mike said, "we probably sound just like him and Mom-mom sixty years ago..." 

We both smiled as we linked hands....

"One thing is for sure", Mike continued, 

"Pop-pop would have loved going to the game with us today...he wouldn't have missed it for the world..."

we both fell silent for a minute...

"Oh, I'm sure he will be there", I replied.

and I am certain that he was...probably grinning from ear to ear watching his grandson hold his baby in his lap and tell him about the game.

After the game everyone headed back to our house for some hot roast beef sandwiches, baked beans, and this awesome baseball cake that my sister-in-law whipped up for the occasion (we were celebrating multiple birthdays).

Then my hubby brought out his 4-wheeler to give all the kids rides, which they loved;)

All in all it was a great weekend:) 

And guess what?? Next weekend is Mother's day already!! Come back later this week, I have some gift and wrapping ideas coming!!!

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