Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Highs and Lows...

      High: Yesterday was my Hubby’s birthday. I intended to give him a proper birthday salute on this here blog…but the day was filled with lots of running around (namely driving an hour from home for a “real” prosciutto sandwich to surprise him with at lunch time:)…so one day late… Happy Birthday Babe! I love you so much and am blessed beyond compare to have you in my life…I cannot imagine being a mom without you by my side being a dad…You challenge and inspire me daily and love me in the best ways possible and I. am. Blessed.

       Low: We had dinner with my Grandma on Monday night, which in itself is a high, but she has dementia, which is getting me pretty low. Prior to having Hunter, I prided myself in my optimism surrounding my Grandma’s memory loss. But sitting in the booth two nights ago, repeatedly reminding her who my son was brings tears to my eyes. My grandma has been a best friend to me for years. I remember my sister and I fighting over the phone as little girls, anxious to hear her voice on the other end…telling her the triumphs of our day, and smiling at her familiar cackle when we made her laugh. I lived for that cackle…I remember thinking, “Grandma thinks I’m funny… yes!!” In recent years my goal has remained the same…I tell funny stories, recall sweet memories, and poke gentle fun at her…and when a laugh escapes her lips it makes me smile. The problem is…its becoming harder and harder to draw it out of her lately… she doesn’t follow my words or the people in my story…she doesn’t remember the start of the sentence by the time I end it. It is making my heart ache.

      High: My mom is one of the bravest women I know. She flies out of this country in a few short hours to travel half way around the world to spend the next 5 weeks with strangers. She is serving the Lord, she is going alone, and she is making me proud.  I am thrilled at the thought of what this trip will teach her and how God will shape her heart through the experiences she will have. She is a woman of faith and one of my best friends. I’m gonna miss you Momma! GO live it up!

        Low: A dear friend of mine is going through a difficult time with her husband and it is tearing me up. Sometimes I think we forget just how sacred marriage is until it is threatened to be destroyed.  It leaves me with two thoughts: Marriage was made for life … and anything short of that can cause mass and sometimes irreversible destruction.  Stay married. Pray it out. That’s my mantra. (obviously there are some circumstances where this is not possible or healthy, I know)

      High: My little guy continues to light up my life. I find myself missing him when he takes a nap. I go in his room to sneak a peek at him while he sleeps, and secretly wish that the creaking floorboards I step on would wake him up so we can smile at each other and he can grab my face with his chubby little fingers. He is heavenly. And he looks just like my hubby… which is a major bonus;)

I hope this post isn’t too much of a downer ;) …all in all life is beautiful and full…but I can’t always just share the good and not the bad…right?

And how about you?  Is anyone else thanking God today for good husbands, babies, and mommas?  Or maybe feeling a mix of jumbled emotions, like me?

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  1. At times like this, this strange and deep song has meant a lot to me: "Thank you God" by GreatStreet. I hope it encourages you. <3



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