Friday, August 3, 2012

Top 50 memories.

Last week we were in South Carolina on our family vacation, and although my head is still in “vacation mode”, life is starting to return to normal. We crammed so many wonderful memories into our week that I decided to compile a list of the top 50

1.     My hubby, all ours, all week…
2.     My boy. Love him.
3.     Farmer’s tans (hubby lost one, baby got one)
4.     Blissful days, windy nights
5.     Mom’s old pop-up camper
6.     Ants
7.     Fresh produce
8.     Ants (whoops, did I list that twice?;)
9.     Bare feet and flip flops
10. Laughter and good friends
11. Sunday morning church on the beach
12. Sweet southern ladies who share Bibles and golf carts
13. Meeting people hundreds of miles from home who love Jesus, just like us
14. Little red car, with the CUTEST driver I have ever seen
15. Bowls full of shells
16. Ice Cream
17. Lazy river
18. Twisted tea
19. Date night
20. Almond stuffed chicken
21. Dinner on the beach
22. Seeing little man across the beach with family while on “date”...wanting to run up and squeeze him.
23. Washing dishes in the ocean
24. Playing speedball at the arcade
25. Buying trinkets with our tickets
26. Ring pops
27. Fishing pier
28. “Live music”
29. Lightning storm
30. Moonlit bike ride with hubby
31. Holding hands
32. Good books
33. Baby Mohawks
34. Plastic barrel drummers
35. All you can eat crab legs
36. Little cousins
37. Aunts, Uncles, Grammy and Pap
38. Beautiful sunsets
39. Baby surf shirts
40. Phone + ocean = failure
41. Attempted naptimes and portable crib jail-breaks
42. First carousel ride
43. Long drive home
44. WAY too much Mc D’s.
45. A quick stop at Nicole’s to get some sleep and rub that sweet belly of hers (come soon little Miss, your Aunt can’t wait to squeeze you!)
46. Home again
47. Laundry, laundry, and more laundry
48. Reunited with Sadie, complete with squeals of happiness from Hunter
49. Contented sighs, tired feet
50. Happy family


  1. You had fun I see Adrianne!
    Great photos, and I hope the laundry has disappeared by now, lol!

  2. love, love, love your pictures! what a wonderful blessing to be able to spend the week at the beach with grammy,pappy and aunts, uncles and cousins! love your top 50! love grammie forcine

  3. love this! in that last pic hunter is SO HANDSOME! so cute i can barely stand it!


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