Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Weekend Romping...

On Friday night, Mike and I went on our first date since Hunter was born. Just us. No baby in the back seat. No schedule to concern ourselves with. 

It was wonderful on multiple levels...we drank sangrias and ate spicy shrimp at the bar and conversed with each other like we were on a first date... we intentionally directed the conversation away from our kids (Sadie included, you would be surprised how much we talk about her, ha) our finances, and our house and focused on talking about us as a couple:)

We bought overpriced coffee drinks at the Starbucks in Barnes & Noble, and perused the rows and rows of books like intellectual impostors...we laughed. we held hands. we ended up in the kids book department, of course. We went home with the Jungle book and the Berenstien Bears.

On the ride home we found an old cd and belted out "Wide Open Spaces" with the Dixie Chics and "You Had Me At Hello" with Kenny Chesney...

It was so refreshing. The best part? Coming home and saying hello to Hunter, hugging and kissing him with renewed vigor, knowing that we (mom & dad) had some much needed alone time to reconnect and remember just how much we loved each other.

We woke up on Saturday to snow, which made the finale of our weekend even better. On Sunday we loaded up our snowmobile headed to our friend's place to go riding after church. (Hunter was warm and snug at Grammy and Pappy's house for a few hours). 

 Me. hehe.
 Good friends!
 Good friends!
 Mike and I.
Mike and I.

As we flew through the snow covered fields, I grinned from ear to ear under my helmet. It reminded me of the early days of our relationship where we spent every weekend romping around on 4-wheelers and snowmobiles...and just like our Friday night date, it was so refreshing for me as a wife and mom...

Anyone else have a great weekend? Anyone else know what I mean when I talk about needing refreshing dates with my hubby?


  1. Sounds like so much fun! I'm glad you guys were able to get some alone time :)

  2. Adriane...I check your blog on a weekly basis to see your newest posts - You are such a beautiful writer and truly live an inspirational life :) I miss you terribly. I know we need to get a date on the calendar! Thinking of you! You are such an amazing wife and mother!


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