Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Photo Marathon!

Ok, so I have roughly 140,932 pictures from the weeks that have passed since I posted last, and I know that so many friends and family come here to check out the little man... so if you will bear with me...lets run a little photo marathon together, shall we?

Hunter and dad...two of the best looking guys I know=)

Hunter spending some quality time with his cousin, Michael...

 They decided to bunk together in Hunters little portable bed...we asked them to wave for us, and they kindly obliged...

 The week before Christmas, Hunter got dressed in his Christmas best and we went to party at Grandma's house...

 I love this smooth cheeks, and weathered hands...generations apart but very much in love=)

 Hunter and his Grammy...

 His favorite shoes=) (actually, his only shoes=)

 Spending a little time with mom=)

I know this is blurry, but I love it anyway=)

 A smile that greeted me one morning=) (I know, I know, little man needs a tan, but with below freezing temps outside, it might be a few months;)

Smiling is becoming a favorite pastime around here, much to my delight!

A little visit with his Aunt Meg...

Playing with his new buddy Jackson...

Chilling with his soon-to-be buddy, due any day now!!

Hanging with dad some more=)

Hunter's Aunt Nicole and Uncle Jayce came up for a few days, he loves it when they are in town!

Four generations of Dimmitt men!!

 Getting set up for a group shot of all the cousins with Grammy and Pappy=)


 Thanks for hanging in there for the whole marathon!! I promise that my posts will start to be shorter and more frequent!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. I love the photos! Keep them coming!

  2. Aww, Hunter is such a sweetie!! I love the new header. Very nice. Looking forward to some more frequent posts. My blog is still down. : ( I really do miss it! Hoping to be back sometime next month. Take care, Adriane!

    ~ Catie

  3. i loooove these pics! it WAS a wonderful Christmas! Welcome to our family, Hunter!
    love, Grammie F

    1. Grammie F and Grammy confusing for Hunter as he grows up may want to rethink this one

    2. I'm sure we will find creative ways to distinguish between the two;)
      Can I ask who left this comment? Its always more fun when you know who has stopped by for a visit:)


  4. AHHH!! So so cute! His smile is HUGE! He is so happy with his mama :) I love the ones of him and Grandma, and all the Dimmitts! The grandkids on the couch - adorable.

  5. Thanks everyone!

    George...Thanks so much!

    Catie...I miss you in bogland, come back soon!

    Grammy, I love you - Hunter

    Nicole... Thanks darlin' ;)


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