Thursday, July 21, 2011

Room Transformation!

Hey Everyone!

The last week or so I have taken a little impromptu blog hiatus, which was extended furthermore by the summer cold that attacked me yesterday and had me in bed for hours and hours at a time...not fun;(

But I am back! and want to show you all a little transformation that took place last week in the home of one of my client's from Sweet Tree Designs.

We spent the day clearing out the clutter and organizing her son's room, which was overflowing with all kinds of odds and ends! We hauled a pile off to the dumpster and another pile off to goodwill, and then organized the remaining contents of his room... here are the before and after pictures...

BEFORE: The desk area is unrecognizable under all the clutter!

AFTER: Now the little man who inhabits this space can sit down and work on projects, play on the computer, and do his homework in style!


BEFORE: Underneath, on-top and all around this bunk bed there was clutter galore...

AFTER: Not a single item remains under or on the bed!

BEFORE: A cluttered dresser made it nearly impossible to get ready in the morning...

AFTER: ::happy sigh:: the top of the dresser, along with his boy-ish accessories are visible again!

There you have it! Another room clean and many more to tackle!

Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday and is staying cool!


  1. Hi Adriane! Great job on the room. What an amazing transformation!! I LOVE clearing out and organizing. There's nothing better than the feeling after a good purge. Sorry to hear you've got a cold! Summer colds are the worst. I had a month or so ago. Not fun! Hope you're feeling better soon. : ) ~ Catie

  2. CHEERS!!! I love before and afters like this - and now you have photographic proof of your AMAZING transformation skills! i love the bookshelves. i would have been tempted to stuff them, but it's soo much better how you made them so neat and clean.


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