Friday, July 29, 2011

Coffee and fabric flowers...

Sitting down to write this post feels alot like sitting down to coffee with an old friend who I haven't seen in a while...

only the old friend is my mac book, and the coffee is actually a glass of ice water... hehe...

but you get the idea:)

Mike and I were away this week on a relaxing vacation to Myrtle Beach with our family, and I wish I could say that my mac was sitting at home all week awaiting my return...but the truth is that it was with me the whole time and I ignored it. ignored my blog. and everyone else's. ha. there. the truth is out.

I also ignored all my voicemails and emails. guilty I'm afraid...

and yet I feel total peace about it...because I had a wonderful time with my hubby and my in-laws, drank a few odoules, ate waaay too many milk duds, and didn't think twice about all my cell phone or computer the whole week.

It was fabulous=)

I have the rest of my life to blog. or check my emails. or return phone calls. 

But right now I am 26 weeks pregnant (can you believe it!!) and embracing the fact that my sanity is contingent on me slowing things down a bit and not feeling guilty about the things that don't get done everyday. ahhhh... the joy that comes when you let yourself off the hook a little;)

Anyway, back to what I really wanted to blog about, and that is fabric flowers. I love them.

Anyone else with me?

I have found a new crafting obsession, at least for the next week or two;)

Last week I went online and found some of the most fabulous tutorials and pictures on how to create little fabric beauties...and then I went to work creating my own miniature masterpieces.

Then my dear friend Bek came over for lunch with her sister Liz, and I roped them into the chaos=)

Here are our creations:

We added little clip and pin backings to them that I picked up from the jewelry making department at Joanne Fabrics...making them the perfect addition to a little summer dress or cardigan... or winter scarf or bag...or really anything...

I made three coordinating flowers out of the gray fabric that I found in the remnants bin at Joannes, and then glued them to this little white clutch that I found a few weeks ago while thrifting with my buddy Kirsten...the clutch was only 50 cents and now look at it =)

Then, I took one of my silk flower pins and attached it to a little silk petal that I had in my stash of faux flowers and foliage (which I use to garnish wrapped presents;), and then placed it a jewelry box to give it as a gift to my sister who was in from out of town:)

Martha Stewart would be proud.

and the obsession continues...

because I still have a box of fabric remnants calling my name, and about 482 people who I want to make one of these little beauties for...

So until next time, happy fabric flower making everyone!


  1. they're beautiful. i didn't realize you actually MADE the flower!! i thought you just put the pin and sequin on. when are you going to add your instructions for flower making, or a link? it looks like fun!

  2. Hi Adriane, These are soo cute!! I love them. I've made flowers very similar for Adia's room. There's a big one and a smaller one and I put them in painted terra cotta pots. They look cute and I keep thinking I should do a third one. If do I'll have to do a post about it.

    Hope you're doing well and not too hot. Being pregnant in the heat is no fun! : )
    ~ Catie

  3. i have been looking for inspiration as to how to wear these flowers and i spotted ann taylor loft copying your idea!

  4. Love this idea Adriane! Thanks for sharing... Janae

    Also, here's a fun tutorial about the "how to" that I found. Is this how you made your flowers?


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