Sunday, September 22, 2013

The sound of little feet.

There is a beautiful country song that plays in my head all the time. We danced to it at our wedding, and I strum it out on my guitar from time to time. The words are sweet and humble, a melody of remembrance and celebration for a lifetime together...

Remember when I was young and so were you
and time stood still and love was all we knew
You were the first, so was I
We made love and then you cried
Remember when

Remember when we vowed the vows
and walked the walk
Gave our hearts, made the start, it was hard
We lived and learned, life threw curves
There was joy, there was hurt
Remember when

Remember when old ones died and new were born
And life was changed, disassembled, rearranged
We came together, fell apart
And broke each other's hearts
Remember when

Remember when the sound of little feet
was the music
We danced to week to week
Brought back the love, we found trust
Vowed we'd never give it up
Remember when

Remember when thirty seemed so old
Now looking back it's just a stepping stone
To where we are,
Where we've been
Said we'd do it all again
Remember when

Remember when we said when we turned gray
When the children grow up and move away
We won't be sad, we'll be glad
For all the life we've had
And we'll remember when
(Alan Jackson)

The lyrics tell a story, some of which mirrors ours, some of which differs. There are lines that resonate strongly with me now that I am a mom. On days where toys are scattered around the floor and my head is fuzzy from not getting enough sleep the night before, days where the unexpected happens and threatens to undo me... it think of the line "Remember when the sound of little feet was the music we danced to week to week", and I remember that those little feet slapping across the hardwood and creaking the floorboards above my head while I am making dinner... they are music, pure music.

And I would venture to say that the sweet sound of a toddler running around in complete abandon brings sheer joy to our Creator's ears, and in His infinite love and kindness, He allows us to have those precious moments as parents to savor and reflect on His goodness to us.

This summer has been full of those sweet, simple, good moments, both as parents and as a couple... so many refreshing times when God pulled back the heavens and we were privileged to bask in the warmth of His glorious sunshine.

I know that the soundtrack to our lives right now, baby coos and little boy laughter, will eventually run out...the needle on the record player will run off the edge and God will gently place a new vinyl on the turntable and set it in motion. It will contain excited chatter, and big kid laughter, and heavier sets of feet bounding down the stairs in the morning... and that will be glorious too, because isn't that what makes the mundane so magical? that seasons of life are ever changing, evolving, growing? And isn't that what makes God so special? because He always was, always is, and always will be the same?

What a beautiful dichotomy this life is...

Today I am enjoying the changes that this season of life has ushered in, and the constancy of a God that is always good, all the time, without fail.

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  1. Love it! Yes, yes, and totally yes. Having these little ones is amazing, difficult, fun, sweet, wonderful. Being in love at the same time is so worth it. Those little feet becoming big feet? well, you know me :) "Right now" is always the best time and I don't want it to change! ;) I'm glad you have better foresight than I do!


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