Saturday, September 28, 2013

To my little brunette...


I cannot believe you are almost five months old. Where has the time gone? Over the past few months you have blossomed into a little beauty, both inside and out. You have a smile that spreads across your face so wide that your eyes close and dimples form on your chubby cheeks. Dad and I call it smiling with your eyes, and I hope you always grin with such enthusiasm.

You have a full, dark head of hair that has strangers exclaiming, "Look at all her hair! What a cutie!" in the grocery store, park, and playground all the time. I love your silky bob, and the way you prefer to wear it these days, bam-bam style on top of your head.

You love people and are definitely more social than your brother. He saunters away from crowds to examine things alone, you crane your neck to take in all the activity, and smile broadly whenever someone chats with you. Some mornings you will wake up and sing in your crib at the top of your lungs, and let me tell you lady, you have volume your brother has yet to achieve!

Your dad and I tell each other daily, "Just wait till she can crawl, we will hardly keep up!", because you, my dear, are a mover and a shaker. From the time you were about 2 and a half months you started rolling in both directions...not content to stay on a blanket for long. In the last few weeks, you have been getting up on your knees and rocking your little heart are tiny but mighty!

As far as food goes, you started waking up often in the night about two weeks ago, so I figured it might be time for you to try some veggies to fill you up! Your first meal was sweet potato puree, and oh. my.  you gobbled it up with a huge grin! I thought one meal would suffice, but later that day at dinner you were opening your mouth so round and leaning into every bite I took, so I figured you wanted more! That was a little over week ago, and you have eaten a solid meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner ever since.

Bedtime is usually more of a suggestion for you, and you like to be unpredictable when it comes to going to sleep. You have covered the full spectrum of sleep habits, from up every few hours, to sleeping twelve hour I said, unpredictability is your trademark:) Rest assured, dear one, that the smile you give us when we hearken your call redeems even the most sleepless of nights!

Your personality is so life giving, full of fun and spunk, and I cannot wait to watch you, as you continue to grow into a beautiful little girl. You have blessed us in countless ways, and we thank God for you.

Love you,

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  1. i love her social self, the fountain on her head, the way you described it all, the photos that exude her joy! you are a GREAT mama!!


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