Wednesday, July 17, 2013


To my little girl,

If someone had told me a few short months ago that I would have a daughter right now, I would not have believed them. Throughout the time I was pregnant with you, I kept repeating,"I think it's a girl" over and over, but never really let my imagination run wild with what that actually meant. I had an inkling that you were in fact a girl, but had the expectation that you wouldn't be...and so when you came, my dear, you rocked my world.

Suddenly I held in my arms your precious little life with dark hair that swept across your forehead and arms that clung to me and eyes that implored me to love you. And I did... with a kind of love that I had never felt before... a fiercely protective and loyal love, a complex love that had me playing your future like a black and white film in my head. Your first steps, first bike ride, first date with your daddy, your prom night, your graduation, your wedding day... All of these things that I hope for your future, all of these things that I pray I will get to be in the passenger seat to experience with you. These thoughts filled my mind in the early morning hours that I spent nursing and rocking you. I was your momma, you were my daughter.

I learned from the first weeks after your brother was born, that there are few things more precious than the hours spent sitting in the darkness, rocking, singing, and praying for our family. And so that is exactly what I did when you came. During those late nights and early mornings, I prayed for you...thanking God for the sweet baby that you are and for the little girl you will grow to be.

I prayed for your childhood, that God would protect your innocence and fill your days with joy. I prayed for your adolescence, that you would feel the love of your family and the love of your creator and that His love would fill you with contentment. I prayed for your years as a young woman, that you would grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord and that His peace would fill your heart, and I prayed for your adult years, that your would have a gracious heart, a joyful countenance, and a love for people.

I prayed for your future husband...wherever he is right now. I prayed for the hands that are caring for him, for his mom and dad, for his spirit. I prayed that God would instill in him every good thing that he will need to love you and lead you. I prayed that your path to meeting him would be easy and that you will never know the pain of rejection, loss, or a broken heart.

I prayed for myself, that I would be a good mom to you. That I would be kind and loving, sweet and full of compassion. I prayed that I would be a good example to you of a godly woman, and that I would have wisdom in knowing how to raise you to have confidence and joy. I prayed that I would be full of discernment in the years ahead when we go through life's many seasons and our relationship takes on new forms. I prayed that I would know how to best love you when you are sad, happy, angry, and hurt. I prayed that you would let me be your best friend.

I prayed for your dad...thanking God for the wonderful man that he is. I prayed that he would know how to treat you, his little girl, how to fill up those places in your heart that only a father's love can reach. I prayed that he would show you what it means to be cared for, protected, and nurtured, and that your relationship with him would be one of your most valued.

I prayed for you and your brother, that God would fill your hearts with a special love for one another, and give you a friendship that you will both cherish throughout your lives. I prayed that you will be one another's greatest fans and closest companions...that you will be kind to each other and learn from one another. I prayed that all of your best childhood memories would contain the two of you together.

Most importantly, I prayed for your spirit. I prayed that in the marrow of your soul, and the depth of your heart, that you would love the Lord. I prayed that your relationship with Him would be second to none, and that you would seek Him first and always. That you would have wisdom and insight into spiritual things, and that your eyes would be open to the greatness of God from an early age. I prayed that you would love and serve Him all the days of your life...

These have been and continue to be my prayers for you, sweet one. I am so grateful that our great God saw fit to let us raise you...

I love you more than you will ever know...

your momma

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