Monday, October 1, 2012



Hello Friends. I can't believe what time it is. Time for falling leaves, hayrides, pumpkins, and chai tea lattes...bonfires, haybales, and oversized sweaters. 

This time last year lingers in my mind constantly. The cool air is bringing back memories. Memories of anticipation. Memories of stocking my cupboards and closets...and carefully washing and folding tiny newborn clothes and blankets. Memories of an empty carseat in the backseat, just waiting to be filled. Memories of excitement.

Memories of when he came. This beautiful little boy that made our family complete. 

Eleven blissful months later, and we have settled into parenthood... into family-mode. We barely remember what we did with ourselves before he came. What did we talk about? What did we do with all the free time that we must have had? What did our bedtime routines look like without bathtimes and bottles, and one snuggly little boy who loves to smile?

Just when we began to settle in... to feel like "we got this", the winds of change have blown in...propelling us into another season of anticipation...

Our little boy has a new title, 

"Big Brother"

We are so thrilled and excited that our little family is growing yet again!

We cannot wait to meet this little miracle, coming this spring.


  1. Congratulations!! Such exciting news :)

  2. Congratulations!! I can't wait to meet Hunters little brother/sister:-)

  3. Yay yay yay :)))) Praise God for this new little one!! Elena can't wait to have fun with BOTH of her cousins :)


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