Monday, September 10, 2012

Becoming Reflective.

Ever hear something on the radio or read something in a book and think...that is so good? Like you just skimmed the cream of life off the top of the barrel and have it in the palm of your hands... the thick, creamy good stuff. Then life gets busy and you spill the cream?

I have felt that way recently. I hear encouraging words, or read them on the page and have that palm-full feeling, but the very next day forget what was said or read. I decided that I wanted to capture these creamy tidbits on life and compile them in a notebook. A way to remember and reflect on wise words too quickly forgotten.

So I got out said notebook and pen, and made my first entry. It was something I heard on the radio a few days before that had stuck with me. I don't recall the author, but it went something like this...

"Children spell love like this T-I-M-E. Cannot the same be said of God?"

It made me stop and ponder if love really is expressed through time, how much am I loving? Am I expressing it clearly to my hubby? to my son? and most importantly to my God?

good stuff. right?

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  1. Time truly is the most important thing of all. Good stuff for sure. Thanks for sharing.


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