Saturday, September 1, 2012

E to the T, S and Y

Hi Hi Hi. I have been so scarce around these parts lately. Life has picked up pace in the last few weeks in the best possible way, and I have been savoring every bit of it. A big part of the busy-ness can be blamed on a project that a dear friend and I are working on...
An ETSY shop! It has been almost a full year since we began discussing and planning to open a shop...and now we are finally just weeks away!

While I have been hard at work making items to sell, my little munchkin has been hard at work making a mess!

Just look at that grin...what's a momma to do? ;)


  1. love , love , love the new independent life of boo-boo! what to do with such a smile~

  2. I LOVE THIS. because this is what every day around here looks like. and because hunter looks then exactly like elena looks now. they are looking more and more alike!! i love it!


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