Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Two years old...

On Friday we celebrated two years with our little boy. The morning began in the traditional way...with a birthday serenade and a small gift. We spent the day recounting when and where we were throughout the day of November 1st, two years ago. We ended the day with the good stuff... pizza, cupcakes, and presents.

I cannot believe our little guy is already two, and yet I also cannot remember a time where he wasn't with us. He is the perfect blend right now, two parts little boy and one part baby... old enough to have some independence, and young enough to still need us.

I am no Julie Andrews, but I wrote a little ditty to remember Hunter's favorite things right now...

"Roadwork", "Baby Animals", and "Ten Tiny Puppies"...
"Five Little Monkeys", and "Under Construction"...
Dump trucks and trips to the park and the swings,
These are a few of your favorite things...

Mowing the lawn with your earmuffs and daddy,
Eating your dinner and then getting cookies,
Sawing, and swinging your hammer around,
these are a few of your favorite things...

When the dog barks,
When you fall down,
When your feeling sad,
You simply run over to mommy or dad,
And then you don't feel so bad.

Did I really just spend 20 minutes writing song lyrics to a melody from the 60s?... umm yes.

Is there any better use of afternoon nap-time? ha. i think not.

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