Tuesday, January 8, 2013

From one hometown to another...

Hi Friends!
Just wanted to share a very simple project that I did this past month. My sister and I decided to only exchange gifts for our kiddos this year for Christmas...but her birthday is the day after Christmas, and I wanted to make a little something special to celebrate. When I saw these personalized mugs months ago on a friends blog, I knew immediately that they were the perfect gift. Because my sister and her hubby live in VA and we live here in PA, they perfectly describe our relationship...a heart for her hometown, and a heart for mine=) (and the dotted lines made us giggle, because the trip down to her house usually results in some wrong turns and wandering, hehe)

I was so happy with the result, and they were so easy. I used a porcelain pen from the craft store, but any sharpie will do! You draw your design on oven-safe mugs, crank up your oven to 350 degrees, and bake for 30 minutes... that's it!

If you would rather have someone else do the dirty work...you can purchase your own set on Etsy at GreySkiesBlue, and if you are looking for really ornate personalized porcelain, check out my friend Caitlin's new shop, Caite'sPlates...she works wonders with a sharpie!

I may or may not have made my hubby and I a set of mugs the other day as well;)

P.S. Sharing this little project over at Thrifty Decor Chick and Tip Me Tuesday=)


  1. Adorable :} Cute idea Mom Dimmitt

  2. I made these as well for Christmas gifts for Kai's parents ;o) From PA to OH. Love yours!

  3. Those turned out so well Adriane! You are so artistic : ) I think those mugs will make a fun grandparent gift when Titus gets a little older (with just scribbles, not states of course).

  4. One of my favorite gifts ever! And yours and Mike's mugs are SO COOL! Wow, your artsy side came out!

  5. Oh, this is so cute! I spent last year’s summer doing art like this and T-shirt making. I love it! Not only because they are easy to do, but it’s a very fulfilling and fun activity. This is a good hobby because it helps us unleash our creativity. And from being a mere hobby, you could even turn it to a business.

    Lissette Monroe


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