Friday, January 4, 2013

Dashing through the snow.

Last week Hunter got to try out his awesome new sled when a Saturday afternoon turned our yard into a winter wonderland.

We bundled him up like the little boy in The Christmas Story then heaped up a big blanket on his lap for good measure...

He wasn't too sure what to think... of the sled ride or the fact that his parents were waving their arms around like crazy people and snapping a million pictures as he rode around the back yard...hehe

On a side you see those amazingly plump little cheeks of his??? I could smooch them all day=)


  1. Oh he is so precious!
    When a baby #2 due?

  2. we are so happy you are enjoying your new sled. Love your hat too. We love you Hunter Jacob. Love Grammy and Pappy :}

  3. Ohmigosh SO cute. I love the pure joy on his face :D

  4. Thanks Liz! Baby #2 is due May 3rd=))
    Grammy and Pappy- Thanks for the sled, you hit the Christmas gift jackpot...he loves it!


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