Saturday, April 14, 2012

Camping out...

The other day I set up a tent in the living room for a little camp out...

The kids thought I was certifiable:

Hunter- "Sadie, did you know mom was nuts? What is she thinking??"
Sadie- "I know buddy, she's been this way as long as I can remember...we just have to smile and play along..."

Hey mom...this is pretty fun...

 ok, actually, this is really fun...I love tents in the living room!!

 Sadie...I changed my is so right, this tent is awesome!

Hope your having a great weekend!!


  1. your awesome pics and captions made jayce and i laugh out loud. hunter and sadie's expressions are so priceless!! you are such a cool tent-building mom!

    1. happy to make you laugh:)

  2. Do I need one of these for the beach??? I need beach tips from you!


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