Thursday, April 5, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday...

I have recently added this sweet lady's blog to my daily reads. She is sweet, stylish, and hilarious. On Thursdays at her blog, its all about the awkwardness and awesomeness of her week...

so I thought I would follow suit this week and tell you my A&As...


The comcast man going door-to-door selling cable: 
Knocks on my door. 
I open it with my baby on my hip (don't worry the glass door was still locked:) 
He says"is your mom or dad home?" 
I laugh in my head.
"um. no this is my house" -me
"oh, you look young" -comcast man
"uh, thanks"
"do you have cable?" 
"what do you mean, no?"
"we don't have it."
"what if I told you you could have it for twenty bucks a month?"
"that's nice"
"so do you want it?"
"ok, have a nice day"
"you too."


Little man has been taking 2 looong naps every day this week, allowing me to get lots done, or just waste time pinning... :D

Tonight my girlfriends and I are finishing a wonderful Bible study on James with this lovely lady...

Tomorrow's Friday...which means date night with hubby, shopping trip to TSC, and john deere baby clothes here we come... :D

Sunday is Easter. woot woot.

The End.

Anything awkward and awesome about your week? Please do tell :D

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  1. The cable salesman story was too funny... And you little guy is so handsome! :) Hope you have a happy Wednesday!


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