Thursday, December 15, 2011

That's a wrap!

Yesterday I finally got around to wrapping some of my Christmas presents while Hunter and Sadie were napping...which was a huge relief since Christmas is less than 10 days away!! Where did December go?!  (or October and November for that matter;)

So I thought I would share a few pics of the different wrappings that I chose this year:

In order to get my creative wrapping juices flowing, I have to set out all my paper, ribbon, boxes, and embellishments so that they are easily accessible...

I love using little birds, leaves, and glittery berries on my gifts...and a pretty deck of cards from the dollar bin at Michaels is serving a new purpose as gift tags for my packages:)

I picked up a GIANT bolt of lace at a flea market a few months ago for 50 CENTS!!!! So I thought I would mix it up a bit and use some lace this year...

In order to soften the look of the pine cones and cinnamon, I lightly brushed some white paint onto the almost looks like freshly fallen snow...

I used a white paint pen to write names directly onto my packages...which I wrapped in brown postal paper...

I did the same thing for a few of Mike's gifts...which had quite a few more berries on them prior to Sadie munching them all off...

And of course, Hunter's big gift this year...

Come back tomorrow for a massive Christmas decor post=))

Hope everyone is having a WONDERFUL Thursday!!


  1. You put so much thought into wrapping gifts! I know it will make all the recipients feel extra-special to get such beautiful packages!

  2. adriane, these are amazing! i especially love the manly wrapping on mike's gifts - where did you get that great flannel-shirt plaid paper? oh, and the last one is hilarious. that little dog sure has deep pockets! ;)

  3. Thanks Jen...I have always loved wrapping helps me get in the mood for Christmas=)

    Nicole, hehe yes Sadie has more money than the rest of us so we let her do all the splurging around here;) I think the flannel/plaid paper is from target...but I'm not sure...its great for manly wrapping, isn't it?


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