Friday, December 9, 2011

Deck the Halls...redneck style!

(Nicole...this post is for you=)

This past weekend we went on a little family scavenger hunt for the perfect Christmas tree...
and although we are generally very decisive people...picking out a tree is a whole other story, we hem and haw like it is the last tree we will ever buy...ones too short, ones too tall, all of them are too fat and round (when did Christmas trees make the shift to Christmas bushes with pointy tops?)

but alas, we did pick one out...a nice 5 footer, which now stands proud at about 4 feet since Mike kept trimming the bottom like a bad haircut :) are some shots from the hunt:

Little man got the best seat in the house...snuggled up with mom...

Sadie and Dad led the procession:

We made our selection...finally...

Sadie trying to give kisses to her bro...

Dad did the hard work...with a smile;)

After we loaded up the tree and had some coke and popcorn...we headed home to decorate...

As many of you know, we have a den in our house, where all things woodsy and rustic reign we put our real tree in the den, and deck it out redneck style=)

Here is Hunter's first ornament...(we just bought the plain "bear crossing" and I added the words with a paint pen;)

Every year we take a sliver from the base of the tree to have as a keepsake:

Who needs a star on top...when you can have a pheasant?!

Of redneck tree is complete without shotgun shell lights!!

Sadie's ornament:

There you have it! Our halls are decked=) 

Come back soon to see pictures of the rest of our Christmas decor...the not-so-rednecky stuff=)


  1. Ha, ha, I love it. Very cute. Can't wait to see the rest of the house. Hunter is soo cute!

    Hope you're doing well. Did I tell you my computer died? I haven't been able to blog! : (

    ~ Catie

  2. I don't know where i've been! this is soo cute, both your writing and style! Hunter does have the best spot on the Christmas tree expedition - the pictures of you guys are so sweet! Mike looks like he's having a ball too :)

  3. even if you can't put all your cool DIY presents on here till after Christmas, you COULD put your awesome wrapping :) just an idea... y'know, that might inspire the rest of us that are desperately in need of ideas ;)

  4. hehe thanks! we had a great time tree shopping=)) and just for you, I wrote a wrapping post...
    just go to Michaels and go through their embellishment bins...they make it so easy to make pretty packages=))


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