Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My boy & girl...

Just thought i would share a few scenes from my morning yesterday...

Sadie has taken to her role as big sister quite well...but I know she wishes she could do more...

like smother him with kisses every morning when he wakes up.

and climb into his bouncer with him when he cries.

and tuck his hands under his blanket when they feel cold.

she looks at me every day as if to say..."how come everyone gets to snuggle him and love on him, but me?"

little does she know...her fun has just begun...

soon her days will be filled with constant companionship and lots of hugs, kisses, and games of fetch with her baby brother...

I love my new normal=)


  1. I love these pictures. My nephew is growing by the minute. I love him so much! Saddie Mae is such a good sister. She probablly cannot wait until Hunter can run with her. Look out mom!!!! Love, Aunt Kelly

  2. Hunter and sadie mae are both precious. love the pictures and hunter looks very content with his new sister :) Love you ALL Grammy


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