Saturday, May 18, 2013

What happiness looks like...

Two weeks ago we welcomed the most precious little gift into our lives, a sweet baby girl. She came as quick as can be...a few short hours of labor and she was ready to meet us. At first, we didn't really believe it, it seemed like a wonderful dream that we were bound to wake up from..."Can you believe it? We have a daughter!" we repeated over and over to each other. Then reality set in, like a warm blanket surrounding us that, yes, it was true, she was ours and it wasn't a dream... and we were smitten.

The days following her arrival have been full of all kinds of goodness... afternoon naps, big brother kisses, dimpled baby cheeks, and visits with friends and family. We have been blessed beyond measure with these two little ones of ours, and we cannot help but fall more in love with each new day...

Brooke Adeline, born May 4th 2013 at 3:38am, 7lb 9oz, 20 inches


  1. Congrats Adriane! She is beautiful. Praise God for your two healthy little ones :)

    Love, Hannah

  2. YAY!!! Finally pics!! I love her little toes and adorable nose and all the sweet smiles and kisses from Hunter!! Love you!


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