Monday, February 27, 2012

February in a flash...

Did February fly by or what? 

Here is a recap of our month for those of you who have been asking for a Hunter update...sorry it has been so long!

Bundling up for a walk:

Storytime with dad:


 Goofy parents:


Making a new friend:

New favorite pastime:

Hehe...hope everyone is having a great night...hope I didn't bore you all with the plethora of little man pictures...can you tell I'm infatuated;)


  1. Thanks for putting up new pictures : ) I love his little smile with the tongue sticking out!

  2. oh mi gosh he is SOO cute!!! i love the ones in the bouncy chair - he looks so small in it! at least he'll be enjoying it for quite a while, there is plenty of room for him to grow :) ahhh, i miss him so much now....

  3. look at that little munchkin :) i can't get over how awesome my little nephew is. And I can't wait till he can play with his cousin! the other day i saw a baby in a stroller and his brother kept looking in and making goofy faces at him and the baby burst out in giggles and smiles every time. i can just see hunter doing that when he gets older and has a cousin!

    1. I CANNOT WAIT for Hunter's little cuz to get here!!!It will be so much fun to watch the two of them interact:D


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