Wednesday, May 25, 2011

So Happy To Be Here!

Hello there!

I'm Adriane and the handsome guy in my profile picture is my amazing husband Mike. We are approaching our one year anniversary as a married couple and thought it would be a good time to begin documenting some of the projects that we have been working on!

Until recently, I had no idea how big the "blog" world was, and or how to become a part of it... but after spending quite a few hours online looking at the inspiring projects, post, and discussions on so many blogs, I thought it looked like to much fun to not be a part of!

Since I am still entirely new to this and am just learning how to blog as I go...please feel free to comment or constructively criticize any time!

As for the name of my blog...

There are so many wonderful names already out there in "blog" world, which made it hard to decide what to call mine...

But alas, I think I have found that "Fruitful Home Journal" suits my blog well.

Why a "Fruitful" Home Journal?

I chose the word fruitful because I believe it embodies what I really desire our home to be. Mike and I have always said that we want our home to be a welcoming place where friends and family can gather and the door is always open. We want it to be a place where others come in and feel blessed, loved, and at peace... a home where everyone who enters is encouraged and uplifted.

My idea to use the word fruitful to describe our home also came from a verse in the book of Psalms in the Bible that says... (paraphrasing:) that whoever meditates on the law of the Lord and abides in the life that He gives, will be "like a tree firmly planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in its season, and its leaf does not wither..."

It is our desire to have a home that is like a firmly planted tree, always full of lifegiving peace and comfort...

The reason I decided to call it a "journal" is because that is what I hope it will be...a chronological memoir of what we are working on, and the things that we learn along the way!

I hope you all enjoy reading this, and I hope that our journey to a fruitful home will inspire you as well!

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  1. You are such a wonderful writer! I'm going to tell my friends about your amazing blog and promote it on facebook as much as i can! love, nicole


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